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Oh No! It's Mr. Evil Scary Show is a American computer-animated first-person horror television series created by Ethan M. Nichols. It first aired in October 1st, 2015 on The Hatty Network's Adult Q. This show will be inspired by the Naomi Iwata anime Gregory Horror Show.



  • Mr. Good/Mr. Evil - a hatty and the soul collector.
  • Alan the Scissordude - a 10 year old parody of Bobby Barrows/Scissorman from the 1995 Japan-only game Clock Tower: The First Fear.
  • Sara Zombie - a zombie animatronic duck.
  • Death - the Grim Reaper.
  • Jack the Clown
  • Clock Eyes - a clock.
  • The Scary Wizard
  • Lost Toy - a girl looking forever for her lost barbie toy after her parents moved.
  • The Robot Syringe - a female robot with a giant syringe.
  • MeoCat - a ghost cat.
  • Carroton - a creepy giant rabbit.
  • Chef Bones - a creepy chef skeleton.
  • Dogcula - a vampire dog.
  • Dogcula's son
  • Miss Evil - Mr. Evil's wife.



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Video games

  • Oh No! It's Mr. Evil Scary Video Game


  • Oh No! It's Mr. Evil Scary Movie