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Gree Yoshi is Ethan M. Nelson's very first show that was made in 2011. Along with Ethan (gre775)'s early videos, few of the early episodes were lost due to his old computer (Windows XP) died in April 2011 after he played a movie theater server in Garry's Mod with when the video loaded and crashes, he keeps blue screen of death error everytime when he starts his computer.

It's also reasons for loss of his early videos is the shut down of gre775 in September 18, 2011. However, the first intro survives.

He later appeared as the main antagonist as the Golden Mask in 2016's Gree 3: Revenge of the Golden Mask.


  • Kill Day (LOST)
  • Gree Yoshi's Nightmare (LOST)
  • Kill Day 2
  • Gree Yoshi is Falling Down
  • Gree Yoshi Good for Me
  • Kill Day 3


Gree 3: Revenge of the Golden Mask