Cyborg-Puppy and the 7uper is a upcoming American acton-adventure superhero series created by Ethan M. Nichols. The show will be sequel to the 2015-2016 series Cyborg-Puppy. It will aired sometimes in Summer 2017 on The Hatty Network. Like the first one, the series is a parody of Japanese tokusatsu like Kamen Rider and Super Sentai.



  • Jimmy Dogson/Cyborg-Puppy: the main character.
  • Anna Woofman/Fire-Puppy: Jimmy's girlfriend.
  • Jason Payton/Photogcatpher: A 14-year old photographer cat who is Jimmy's best friend.
  • Roy Koala/Samurai Koala: A 15-year old koala.
  • Timmy/Hopper: Magician Mouse's former 11-year old child rabbit.
  • Gwendoline Otter/Witchtter: A 19-year old witch otter.
  • George Mouse/Miceball: A 12-year old mouse who can transformed into a ball.
  • Arnold Dogson: Jimmy's father.
  • Megan Dogson: Jimmy's mother.
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