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Cyborg-Puppy is a The Hatty Network original series by Ethan M. Nelson. It first aired on October 3, 2015 and ended on October 22, 2016. The series is a parody of Japanese tokusatsu like Kamen Rider and Super Sentai.


When the 15-years old (in Human years) puppy named Jimmy Dogson was drinking a water. A few seconds later, he accident drink a robot chip in the water who gives him the superpowers and to defeated the C.R.O.W.



  • Jimmy Dogson/Cyborg-Puppy: the main character.
  • Arnold Dogson: Jimmy's father.
  • Megan Dogson: Jimmy's mother.
  • Anna Woofman: Jimmy's girlfriend.
  • Jason Payton: A cat who is Jimmy's best friend.
  • Timmy: Magician Mouse's child rabbit who refuses to fight Cyborg-Puppy.


  • Lester Crow: A crow who wanted to take over the world. He is a leader of the C.R.O.W.
  • Crow Soldiers: The C.R.O.W. army.
  • Magician Mouse
  • Rick Gundiran: A bunny who is Jimmy's school bully.
  • Bug Snake
  • Computer Virus
  • Fake Santa Foxus/Bob Fox
  • Fake Mrs. Foxus/Victor Fox


  • Santa Foxus
  • Mrs. Foxus



Season 1

Episode No. Title Premise Airdate Ratings
1 When the Hero Beings After Jimmy's science class, Jimmy had to drink a water, he accident drink a robot chip when drinking a water. He quickening go back to home and he later found out that robot chip with gives him the superpowers. October 3, 2015
2 Computer Virus Strikes! When Jimmy and Anna were playing Minesweep on Jimmy's computer, a computer vir shuts down and ruins Jimmy's computer. They are then sucked into the computer and fight against Computer Virus. October 10, 2015
3 Gender Bender Ghost Jimmy and Anna get cursed by the Magician Mouse and their genders are switched around for 24 hours! Will they be able to change back? October 17, 2015
4 Magic! Magic! Trap! Jimmy and his family go out to an amusement water park, when one of the rides has an accident they survive in. October 24, 2015

Season 2